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Respond to COVID-19


AnswersNow is waiving all subscription fees for 30-days, enabling parents to talk directly to an expert, free of charge, today. Answersnow has also opened up parent communities to the public to join discussions with others just like them. Sign up today!

AnswersNow (@answersnow)

Founder: Jeff Beck

Email: Jeff@getanswersnow.com

Company HQ: Richmond, VA


AnswersNow creates innovative technology to partner their clinical experts with parents of children with autism. Parents use the AnswersNow platform to get on-demand, highly personalized answers to all of their autism-parenting questions.



BitWise has collaborated with the Kapor Center to create OnwardCA, a one-stop resource providing support to workers impacted by job loss in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the first day of launch, 100,000 Californians were connected to resources and will be rolling out to the entire US via OnwardUS.

BitWise has also stepped up to help people across the Valley during the coronavirus outbreak and will deliver groceries to those who are elderly or sick. Bitwise team members are volunteering to pick up groceries for people in Madera, Fresno and Tulare counties.

Bitwise Industries (@BitwiseInd)

Founder: Irma L. Olguin, Jr

Email: iolguin@bitwiseindustries.com

Company HQ: Fresno, CA

Bitwise Industries is a tech ecosystem–comprised of education, place, and industry–that activates human potential for the technology industry to elevate underdog cities.


Blokable is creating and delivering accessible quarantine units to help the Washington State Department of Health house at-risk individuals in their local communities.

Blokable (@Blokable)

Founder: Aaron Holm

Company HQ: Seattle, WA

Blokable’s mission is to make housing affordable and accessible for everyone. The Blokable modular building system gives developers freedom and flexibility to build a multitude of projects, including market rate, student, senior, veterans and mixed-use housing. Bloks are connectable, stackable modules that can create residences as high as four stories.


CodeHS is making CodeHS Pro available to all teachers through the rest of the school year to help with virtual learning.

CodeHS (@CodeHS)

Founder: Jeremy Keeshin

Email: jkeesh@codehs.com

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

About: CodeHS is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science. We provide web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development. Schools have access to a 6th-12th grade computer science curriculum for free, and much more on pro — including lesson plans, a gradebook, progress tracking and dedicated support.


codeSpark is helping codeSpark teachers give their students free home access to the top coding platform for grades K-5. codeSpark is also making their highly rated computational thinking PD free for teachers.  Parents can sign up directly as well.

Founder: Grant Hosford 
Company HQ: Pasadena, CA
About: codeSpark Academy is an award-winning, completely word-free game that turns programming into play.


Desmos is offering free distance learning features and professional learning supports for new teachers as well as a global math art contest to engage students learning remotely.

Founder: Eli Luberoff
Company HQ: San Francisco, CA
About: Desmos changes the way that students explore and understand math, with its blazing-fast graphing calculator works on any computer or tablet — for free. In addition, Desmos’ API makes it possible to incorporate interactive math technology into any platform, assessment, or app.

Elevate Labs

Elevate Labs is offering a free one-year subscription to its product Balance that can help people cope with the feelings of fear, anxiety, and isolation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elevate Labs (@ElevateLabs)

Founder: Jesse Pickard

 Email: jessepickard@mindsnacks.com

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

About: Elevate is a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills. Members are provided with a personalized game-based training program that adjusts over time based on performance.


Emocha is now providing remote monitoring of health care workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 patients at 6 hospitals, with 4 more hospitals coming on board this week. Emocha onboards them onto the platform, tracks their symptoms and temperature, and engages with them daily to capture subjective concerns, routing severe symptoms back to Occupational Health nurses.

Emocha Health (@EmochaHealth)

Founder: Sebastian Seiguer

Email: sseiguer@emocha.com

Company HQ: Baltimore, Maryland

About: emocha empowers every patient to take every dose of medication through video technology and scalable human engagement. Patients use a smartphone application to video record themselves taking their medication. Providers or emocha Adherence Coaches use a secure web portal to assess adherence and engage with patients. The platform is being used by public health departments, clinical trials, hospitals, health centers, and managed care organizations to radically improve medication adherence for patients with tuberculosis, opioid use disorder, hepatitis C, diabetes, and other chronic and infectious diseases.


Encantos has launched a free learning resource from all of their brands to enrich home instruction for children (ages 6 and under) and their families. Visit Encantos Learning Hub.

Encantos (@encantosbrands)

Founder: Steven Wolfe Pereira

Email: swp@encantos.co

Company HQ: Culver City CA

Encantos is the leading family entertainment and education company building DTC brands for today’s multicultural world.

Five to Nine

Five to Nine, is offering a free virtual webinar series for People Leaders looking to promote an inclusive culture and adjust their teams to remote communities. This webinar series kickoffs begins in April and an interest form can be found here for registration details and additional information.

Five to Nine (@tryfivetonine)

Founder: Jasmine Shells

Company HQ: Chicago, IL

Five to Nine provides companies a unified tool to improve ROI on internal programs through measuring employee feedback and participation.


FormLabs is solving critical supply chain shortages by working closely with health systems, government agencies, and volunteers to help design, prototype, and produce parts to be tested and potentially adopted by clinicians. 

Formlabs (@formlabs)

Founder: Maxim Lobovsky 

Company HQ: Somerville, MA

Formlabs is developing an affordable high-resolution 3D printer to enable designers, engineers, and makers to easily realize their dreams in beautiful physical form.


Ginger.io  is offering U.S.-based health systems free on-demand behavioral health coaching for their frontline healthcare workers through June 2020.

Ginger.io (@ginger_io)

Founder: Karan Singh

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

Ginger.io aims to use data collected automatically from mobile phones to warn users and their physicians that they may be on the verge of a manic episode or a bout of debilitating illness.


HealthSherpa in partnership with Kapor Capital is helping workers laid off due to COVID-19 find the best and most affordable insurance plans for them and their loved ones.

HealthSherpa (@healthsherpas)

Founder: George Kalogeropoulos

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

HealthSherpa is the fastest and easiest way to enroll in ACA / Marketplace health insurance.


Hustle is offering free texting services for community outreach about the coronavirus to Federal, state, and local government authorities and Public health NGOs.  Please spread the word!

Hustle (@Hustle)

Founder: Roddy Lindsay

Email: roddy@hustle.com

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

About: Hustle is a peer-to-peer text messaging platform that provides organizations across the country with an affordable, efficient, and effective tool to reach their target supporters and customers. By facilitating two-way conversations, Hustle’s users can maintain genuine, personal dialogues with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people.


Joonko is offering a free tier of Joonko’s diversity recruiting solution to ease some of the pain. They are also working diligently on a new feature to assist with hiring remote teams that will be coming very soon.

Joonko (@JoonkoHQ)

Founder: Ilit Raz

Email: ilit.raz@joonko.co

Company HQ: Oakland, CA

AI-powered Diversity & Inclusion coach for companies


Mytonomy has produced the 5 videos (based on latest guidelines) to help its health system partners explain COVID-19 to their patients and keep them safe. 

Mytonomy (@Mytonomy)

Founder: Anjali Kataria

Email: anjali@mytonomy.com

Company HQ: Maryland, VA

About: Mytonomy is a pioneer in delivering virtual care models through our new cloud-based platform, —the “Netflix meets YouTube for Healthcare” —optimized to stream mobile, high production value, short-form content, called microlearning, for patients and families to live healthier, happier, and longer lives. Clinical staff uses the system to perform at the top of their license and save valuable time in procedures and appointments. Mytonomy enables health systems to shift the cost of care to lower-cost sites, drive greater consistency in care and improve patient and staff satisfaction scores. Mytonomy has the most extensive collection of original microlearning education for healthcare.


Newsela is making its entire product suite available, free of charge, to all districts and teachers through the end of the school year. Here is a link to its coronavirus resource center where you can find more info on how to create an account or access other resources.

Newsela (@Newsela)

Founder: Matt Gross 

Email: matthew.gross@newsela.com

Company HQ: New York, NY

About: Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that combines engaging, leveled content with integrated formative assessments and insights to supercharge engagement and learning in every subject. Students and teachers use Newsela to find digital content from hundreds of the best sources—from National Geographic to NASA, Biography.com to Encyclopedia Britannica, and more. Content is instructionalized to meet students where they are, with interactive tools and analytics to take them where they want to go. Newsela has become an essential solution for schools and districts, with a presence in over 90% of U.S. K-12 schools. Newsela is the content platform for the connected classroom.


NoRedInk is making several parts of its Premium version free until the end of the school year. Get Free access to all of NoRedInk Premium’s Guided Drafts and  all of the Premium’s progress tracking and filtering by standards and assessments.  

NoRedInk (@noredink)

Founder: Jeff Scheur

Email: jeff@noredink.com

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

NoRedInk is an online learning platform that helps students improve their grammar/writing skills. Our engine creates exercises from personal interests, adapts to learners’ strengths and weaknesses, and generates color-coded heat maps to help students, teachers, schools, and districts track improvement.


Numerade is offering free videos created by top PhD, Graduate students, High School teachers, and university students. For students taking the SAT or APs, and have thousands of videos to help them master these exams here. Students also have free access to full length courses and the free ‘Office Hours’ feature.

Numerade (@numerade_edu)

Founder: Nhon Ma

Email: nhon@numerade.com

Company HQ: Pasadena, CA

Our team of 1000+ PhDs and TAs from universities across the US provides step-by-step solutions to your Science, Math and Economics questions

Omada Health

Omada is making its Behavioral Health Program for stress, anxiety, and depression available to any employer or health plan in the US, at no cost, for up to six months, extending the offer to any business or health plan that wants it for their population and dependents. 

Omada Health (@omadahealth)

Founder: Sean Duffy

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

A digital behavioral medicine company dedicated to inspiring and empowering people everywhere to live free of chronic illiness


PadSplit: instituted Teladoc services for members and sent out a reminder to members today that if they have any suspicious symptoms, their membership includes the ability to contact a doctor 24/7, who can also write prescriptions or make recommendations at no additional charge.

PadSplit (@padsplit)

Founder: Atticus LeBlanc


Company HQ: Atlanta, GA

PadSplit is a marketplace for privatized affordable housing. We offer all-inclusive, shared homes that empower everyday Americans to build savings, chase their dreams, and change their world.

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit is providing emergency grab-&-go meals for kids in need. (NYC ONLY)

RedRabbit (@MyRedRabbit)

Founder: Rhys Powell

Email: rhys@myredrabbit.com

Company HQ: New York, NY

About: Red Rabbit’s mission is to provide all children with access to nutritious, made-from-scratch meals in school, while encouraging them to explore, learn and grow healthy relationships with food that will last a lifetime.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market launched the Thrive Market COVID-19 Relief Fund, providing grocery stipends and free Thrive Market memberships to families facing health or financial hardships due to COVID-19.

Update: Thrive Market co-founder and CEO Nick Green announced in a letter to members that he will be donating the remainder of his 2020 salary to the Thrive Market COVID-19 Relief Fund to help meet the overwhelming need and ensure that every deserving family who applies for a grant can become a recipient.

Thrive Market (@thrivemarket)

Founder: Nick Green

Company HQ: Los Angeles, CA

About: Thrive Market is an online wholesale buying club on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for every American family. Thrive Market currently offers the 4,000 most popular natural and organic products at 25-50 percent off retail, shipped anywhere in the U.S for free. For every paid member on the site, the company also sponsors a free membership for a low-income family, veteran, or teacher.


Tinybop is making Tinybop Schools (our STEM platform for K-6) available for free until the end of the school year.

Tinybop (@Tinybop)

Founder: Raul Gutierrez

Email: raul@tinybop.com

Company HQ: New York, NY

Tinybop is a studio of designers, developers, and artists building a suite of educational iOS apps for kids. We strive to create immersive games that encourage exploration and creativity. We believe in the power of learning through play, experimentation, and inquiry.


Twilio is donating a total of $1.5 million to global and local organizations helping with the medical response to COVID-19 and serving low-income, at-risk populations who will be severely impacted by the virus.

Twilio (@Twilio)

Founder: Jeff Lawson

Company HQ: San Francisco, CA

Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs


Via is actively supporting cities during this critical time, helping partners provide emergency transit of goods as well as essential personnel. Via’s emergency services and transit network optimization expertise are being utilized across the world in locations as diverse as Berlin, Ohio, and Malta, to support communities impacted by COVID-19.

Via (@ridewithvia)

Founder: Daniel Ramot

Company HQ: New York, NY

Via is a revolutionary technology platform that is changing the way people get around cities. Using Via, a ride booked on your phone costs little more than the bus. It’s on-demand transportation on a mass scale that’s friendly to our planet.


Wepow is offering its users unlimited use of its pre-recorded and live solutions to help companies continue to evaluate candidates while maintaining a personal connection with them. 


WePow (@gowepow)

Founder: Imo Udom

Company HQ: Culver City, CA

Wepow improves the quality of your hires through Video Interviewing, Mobile Recruiting and Talent Engagement



Zoobean is supporting schools, school districts, and libraries with its Lerner Sports Reading Challenge, a free distance learning opportunity to prevent learning loss in young readers by providing learning resources and books — soon to be appear on Shark Tank (5/13 @ 7 PM PST) during a segment showing how businesses have been helping in the fight against COVID-19!



Founder: Felix Lloyd

Company HQ: Arlington, VA

Zoobean builds each child’s personalized playlist of apps, books, and literacy resources. The web application combines the perspective of expert curators with data science to make individualized recommendations based on reading level and interests. It further provides reading guides, thematic kits, and tools that facilitate collaboration between families and teachers.

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