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We’ve compiled our best recommendations for job seekers and emerging talent in this New Job Seeker Guide. Here are some resources for navigating these wild and uncertain times.

Tips for Job Seeking During COVID-19  

Job seeking, especially for new job seekers, is daunting under normal circumstances. Job seeking during a global pandemic and amidst mass layoffs adds another layer of challenge. Here are our top tips. 

  • Focus on short term goals! Your next job doesn’t have to last forever.
  • Get the most up-to-date information on who’s hiring. Check out the job boards at the end of this deck and cross check with the company’s career page.
  • Structure your day: Make a job search plan for each week. Treat this like a job itself and balance with time for self-care.

Follow the experts and source advice directly from those in the know. Here’s a curated list of Career Influencers to follow.

Resume Best Practices – Expect to Create Multiple Versions

Over 20 million people have filed for unemployment in the US, your resume must be tailored to help you stand out in a competitive employer’s market.

  • Carefully read each new job description for skills demanded and key words that match/transfer to your experience.  
  • Tailor an aligned summary statement up top so recruiters & hiring bots can quickly understand who you are, the context of your experience, and strengths.  The rest of the resume should reinforce these role-aligned themes about you.
  • Update your skill section  
  • Customize your experience section by including the details of your past work that are relevant to the role 
  • Emphasize remote work across your resume! 

Other tips:

  • If you’ve had multiple roles in a short period, indicate why: “Job Title (Contractor) “ or “Job Title (COVID lay-off)”
  • If there are gaps in your resume, explain them – whether you were experiencing medical issues, took a gap year, or were caring for a loved one, etc.
  • Keep your resume under one page if you have less than five years of work experience
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or website
  • Proof read with a friend before sending out!

Interviewing Tips – Practice for Virtual Interviews

They’re different from in-person conversations

Prepping for a virtual interview:

  • Make sure your connection & video conferencing software work
  • Check that your interviewer has your cell number in case of any issues
  • Turn off notifications from apps on your screen
  • Find a quiet, well-lit space without distractions
  • Practice virtually before with a friend! 

Screening virtually for company culture and inclusion:  

  • Ask how the company is supporting employees during COVID 
  • Ask about the company’s values?  Does diversity and inclusion come up?
  • Look at representation on the company’s leadership team.
  • Inquire about existing diversity programming


Where to Look for Jobs 


Internship & Apprenticeship Resources

COVID intern: Get connected with remote internships at top startups and companies.

Talent Add your name to the student talent board to get directly in front of recruiters.

TechHire Oakland: Tech apprenticeship opportunities for under-represented East Bay residents


Job Boards for Underrepresented People in Tech

Women in Tech Slack Channel: Slack channel to post jobs to a 7,000+ user base 

People of Color in Tech:Job board for POCs in tech – includes remote opportunities.

Kapor Capital’s Job Board recommendations: Here’s where we recommend checking for openings

Layoff List for Black & LatinX professionals: Specifically for our most under-represented tech professionals. Add yourself to the list


General Job Seeker Resources

HireClub’s Guide: Resume Building, Career Coaching, and active list of jobs with Companies Hiring

Candor’s Master Company List:List of who is still hiring, paused hiring, etc.

Tech Companies: List of tech companies hiring right now

Bay Area Hiring List: Bay Area companies that are still hiring

Parachute job seeker list:  Get connected to recruiters through Rocket AI and receive a free coaching session from the Career Coaches at Rocket

De-mystifying StartUps

Considerations for the Aspiring Startup Employee

Startup Opportunities


  • Can wear multiple hats

  • Often fast tracks growth (concentrated growth in shorter period of time)

  • Bigger impact/ larger contributions to company success

  • Flatter organization- less hierarchy, smaller teams

  • Build something (team, process, product, culture) from the ground up
  • Compensation + Equity (stock options) = potential for long term financial rewards (bet + play the long game)

Startup Challenges


  • Ambiguity (of role, of goals, of processes)

  • Often lacks clearly defined career path or systems for professional development

  • Higher likelihood of company failure, job insecurity

  • Less mentorship available

  • Disorganization or minimally established processes and systems
  • Compensation may be lower than established companies or may not initially include healthcare
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Grace and ease in your job search!

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