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Greedy VC Doesn’t Pay: But Impact Does

In 1982, Mitch Kapor started Lotus Notes and revolutionized the way the world experienced personal computing. In 2011 he and his partner, Freada Kapor Klein set off to do the same for venture capital — prioritizing community welfare over greed, honoring real life experience over fancy degrees, and ultimately building one of the most diverse portfolios in venture capital. Read more.

May 15, 2019 by Morgan SImon

E24 “Angel”: Mitch Kapor, Kapor Capital: 1st Impact Report results, investing w/purpose, Uber IPO

Mitch Kapor, Partner at Kapor Capital, shares stellar return results of their portfolio's first-ever Impact Report, investing with purpose to close gaps & back entrepreneurs with distance traveled, insights on Uber's IPO, fixing the gig economy, promoting diversity in Silicon Valley & creating long-term value v. short-term gains. Read more.

May 14, 2019 by Jason Calacanis

VC 2.0 and Why Kapor Thinks The Venture Capital Model Should Change

In 2011, Mitch Kapor and Frieda Kapor Klein had a question: What if VCs valued the social impact of a company more than the financial returns that come with it? Read more.

May 13, 2019 by AfroTech
Black Enterprise

Kapor Capital Impact Report Challenges Other VCs to Invest in ‘Gap-Closing’ Companies

Investing in “impact” companies is good for business according to Kapor Capital’s recent report. Since 2011, Kapor Capital has invested exclusively in impact companies and, eight years in, the fund ranks in the top quartile of all funds of comparable size, the report says. Read more.

May 11, 2019 by Sequoia Blodgett
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