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Citizen is a free app that keeps you and your loved ones safe.

It is a powerful force for good that has already evacuated people from burning buildings, diverted school buses from nearby terrorist attacks and, in one instance, led to the rescue of a one-year-old boy from a stolen car.

It is a truly unique proposition that provides you with alerts from 911 data that until now has never been made available to the public. The alerts are accompanied by live stories, real-time updates, and user-generated content to provide you with the information you need so you know what’s happening around you rather than having to wonder why police are on your corner or there are helicopters above you.

Today, over a million people across the United States have downloaded the app and use it to keep themselves, their families, and their friends safe.

Emergency services and community activists alike hail the app as a ground-breaking development in personal and community safety. 1 in 8 New Yorkers have Citizen, and the app has seen similar growth, usage, and engagement in LA, SF, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

This year will see Citizen expand across the United States with the express mission of making your world a safer place.