About Us

Our Story

We are not your typical venture capital firm. Since 2011, Kapor Capital has invested exclusively in “impact” startups, a turning point for us and the industry.

We are proud to be pioneers in gap-closing investing, identifying and investing in companies that provide both market and social equity growth. For over a decade we have consistently proved that positive impact does not have to come at the cost of financial returns.

Turning venture capital into a social movement

With founding partners Mitch Kapor and Freada Kapor Klein and managing partners Ulili Onovakpuri and Brian Dixon, we have shown that venture capital can be used for both financial and social gain. We generate wealth in the most vulnerable communities. More wealth in people’s pockets means more money can change hands. This creates a ripple effect of not only more financial opportunities but new jobs, investments, and growth in other areas too.

Our Mission and Philosophy

We believe that startups can use information technology to solve real world problems and improve the lives of millions through innovation in education, finance, health, work, justice and more.

Our commitment to diversity is key to this philosophy. The lack of diversity in venture capital means incredible business ideas are often overlooked. The most effective solutions often come from people who are part of the communities that are facing inequities. Their experiences help them identify the problems that need to be addressed, which gives rise to profitable solutions and a more equitable economy.

Kapor Capital invests exclusively in “impact” startups.
Ulili Onovakpuri launches our Summer Associates program to demystify the venture capital process and provide a pathway for individuals typically underrepresented in venture to enter investing.
Brian Dixon becomes youngest Black partner at Kapor Capital and in all of Silicon Valley.
The Kapor Capital Founders’ Commitment is created.
Ulili Onovakpuri becomes Partner at Kapor Capital.
Our financial returns were made public for the first time in the 2019 Kapor Capital Impact Report
Launched the Kapor Capital Talent Network for professionals (and emerging professionals) looking to make an impact and create a better world for us all.
Brian Dixon and Ulili Onovakpuri become Kapor Capital Co-Managing Partners.

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