At Kapor Capital we believe in the power of transformative ideas and diverse teams. We are an Oakland-based fund that understands that startup companies have the ability to transform entire industries and to address urgent social needs as they do so.

We believe that startups can leverage information technology to solve real world problems and tangibly improve the lives of millions through innovations in the fields of education, finance, health, work, justice and more.

Key to this philosophy is our deep commitment to diversity. Our entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. We believe that the lived experience of founding teams from under-represented backgrounds provide a competitive edge. Their experiences inform the questions they ask and the problems they identify that give rise to profitable, tech-driven solutions.

In our current portfolio:

  1. Photo of Mitchell Kapor

    Mitchell Kapor


  2. Photo of Freada Kapor Klein

    Freada Kapor Klein


  3. Photo of Benjamin Jealous

    Benjamin Jealous


  4. Photo of Brian Dixon

    Brian Dixon


  5. Photo of Ellen Pao

    Ellen Pao


  6. Photo of Carolina Huaranca

    Carolina Huaranca


  7. Photo of Ulili Onovakpuri

    Ulili Onovakpuri


  8. Photo of Jorge Davy-Méndez

    Jorge Davy-Méndez